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Weiss Report
It is a sales pitch.

But maybe the Doomers here will enjoy reading it.


Expert: Has The Next Financial Crisis Already Begun?
by Weiss Group

"The early stages of what will be the most severe and painful financial crisis in U.S. history is now underway.

That’s according to a top analyst with The Weiss Group — the financial think-tank with a remarkably accurate track record for calling major economic shifts.

They called the gold rally in 1999 (before the metal soared 533%) and the top of the gold market in September of 2011.

They also called the stock market crash in 1987 as well as the real estate crash in 2007.

Their secret to spotting major reversals ahead of the crowd is a proven system that was developed by a little-known presidential advisor after the Great Depression. It has since predicted every major market move for the last 50 years with incredible accuracy.

And today it’s foreshadowing one of the worst financial crises we’ve ever seen.

See the proof for yourself.

No fewer than three of the most powerful economic waves in existence are now converging in a way that hasn’t been seen since 1929.

And they are warning of a great unraveling that is about to explode into the headlines.

Cycle #1 shows that businesses will start to hoard cash ... create fewer jobs ... and stop reinvesting in business growth. And by doing so, will help drag the economy to a near-standstill.

Cycle #2 indicates that consumers, shaken when job growth weakens and household income plunges will pull back too, leading to slower business formation and slower inventory turnover.

Cycle #3—which predicted both the Great Depression and the 2008 Great Recession—shows a coming period of massive economic pain including an ever-weaker economy, chronic unemployment, soaring interest rates, massive defaults on public and private debt and more.

Sound familiar? It should, because the evidence is clear that we have already entered the early stages of these unstoppable cycles.

Find out the date this “Supercycle” will hit the U.S.

Our government, our economy and our way of life are living on borrowed time. For most, the changes will be catastrophic.

Only those who prepare now will have a prayer of protecting their loved ones, let alone preserving their wealth or their quality of life...."

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