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Flood Proof your auto
So much innovation. Smile 

Now you can zip your auto into a plastic bag so as to prevent flood damage.

[Image: DaWaPJ6XUAANJ5E?format=jpg&name=small]


Strap your car into a plastic bag! Problem solved! (I shouldn’t make fun of the company, which is tiny and apparently located in the Phillipines, where there are natural disasters aplenty. And people do need to save their cars, so this product is in essence like and no worse then an N95 face-mask; an individual’s palliative. But as a metaphor for what “the system” can and cannot do….)

“U.S. Hurricane Season Is Unnecessarily Dangerous” [Bloomberg]. “The U.S. is more vulnerable to economic damage from natural disasters than any other nation, according to a recent analysis of global data. For reasons that include its size and location as well as local real-estate development policies, it ranks first among developed countries for the number of lives adversely affected by destructive events. With two long ocean coastlines and a propensity for tornadoes, Americans face more, and more expensive, disasters. Since 1980, more than 241 billi

on-dollar disasters have cost the U.S. $1.6 trillion 1 and almost half of those losses came during the four most expensive years: 2017, 2005, 2012 and 2018.” • I’m sensing a pattern there. ....
Hey, I've used lots of N-95s!  Cough, Cough.
(06-12-2019, 07:42 PM)doubletroublejim Wrote: Hey, I've used lots of N-95s!  Cough, Cough.
 Matlock could use one when he drives back and forth to work. Smile 

[Image: houston_flooding.jpg?itok=L5AsNSLr]

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