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Trip update
(05-15-2019, 09:15 PM)andrew_o Wrote: Now in Chicago waiting for the next train.
Sitting next to ACTUAL Amish talking Penns Dutch.
All I need now is Harrison Ford :-)

Now in Chicago.
Actual Amish at the station. Speaking Penn Dutch.

Where’s Harrison Ford when you need him?

I have a theory: Amtrak recruit black conductors on the basis of their marvellous bass voices. They’re great!

Interesting factoid:  PA "Dutch" (Deutsch/German) was not limited to the Amish/Mennonites--it was widely spoken in Reading, Lancaster and Allentown/Bethlehem as a second language, until the two wars with Germany created enough anti-German sentiment to put an end to that.

As far as Amtrak:  it only owns the rails in the Northeast Corridor (Boston to Washington DC), and as a result that's the only part of the US where rail service is smooth and reliable.  In the rest of the country it is forced to rent passage from the private railroads, which are freight-only and uninterested in upgrading rail quality beyond what their cargo requires.
Guns don't kill people, the government does.
Ok that explains a lot. The run from Chicago to NY was smooth.

We’re quite proud of ourselves at the end of this day. Because we managed to buy passes for the subway and find our way to our Brooklyn Airbnb. A meal in a local mex restaurant and we’ll sleep like logs tonight.

The ride alongside the Hudson was great! Such a long wide and empty wildlife refuge. Considering it’s next to one of the worlds largest cities I expected more human presence. No more than two fishermen for a hundred mile stretch and very few boats : none until we were 1/2 hr from Penn Station. This sort of thing excites me! I’d be walking in those trees and sailing up River whenever I could. Maybe Nee Yorkers are scared of green things?
We’re now sitting at JFK waiting to fly out to the UK.
We had a great time in New York. Three days was never enough but we saw a nice cross section.
The new WTC building is bloody marvellous! An architectural masterpiece in my opinion. MOMA was great to visit and yes I have the T shirt(s).
Looked everywhere for a MAGA hat but nobody is selling:-(
It turned out to be great idea to go cheap and use an Airbnb in Brooklyn. Lots of opportunity for people watching- there’s an interesting slice of society down the R train!
I can see that the city has a struggle on its hands to maintain and upgrade old infrastructure. The subway was surprisingly good. Some good engineering maintenance has been done there but the roads are shit.
Hard to fix: the city needs to think beyond its grid and gridlock.

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