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Why Does Laurie Penny Hate Steve Bannon?

(09-08-2018, 01:35 AM)andrew_o Wrote:

Steve Bannon is good.  He said he is there to support the ordinary poor people (against the elites like her).  She and her like is what causes social evils like homelessness.  If you ask these elites what happened to the elderly homeless Portuguese lady who was raped and beaten with blood everywhere by an Eritrean migrant they do their best to hush it up and start virtue signalling about somebody else.  There was a near media blackout on that story, the Guardian even deleted a comment about it by a Portuguese reader who was asking why this story hadn't made it outside Portugal, under an article about the murder of a German girl, Maria Ladenburger, by an Afghan migrant at the same time, and none of them followed it up.  Did she die, was she finally housed, was the Eritrean rapist ever punished or deported (unlikely, and justice needs to be seen to be done, why the media blackout?).  I would love to listen to her try to survive five minutes arguing against Paul Joseph Watson, he is truly intelligent and nothing I have ever heard her say sounds like any sort of intelligent thought, for all her top private school education.  I remember once hearing her trying to debate/attack professor David Starkey.

* This is the story I am referring to, that the Guardian deleted the comment about. The Guardian didn't touch this story.  It was two years ago and we still don't know what happened to the elderly lady or the rapist.

Her squeaky little voice and lack of demonstrated intelligence makes me wonder why she deserves a platform to speak, in a television studio.  She isn't saying anything other than squeaky little accusations of fascism.  She didn't say anything worth listenting to in her "debate" with David Starkey either.  Who is paying her to be on that platform?  Who thinks her voice is worth listening to, why is she even there?  How is she any more valuable than a homeless person lying in the street?  Why was her intelligence considered worthy of a top private school, when nothing she has said demonstrates anything above average?
Notice her entire response was done on an emotional basis.

Also notice the interviewer completely let her off the hook. A decent one would have had her head on a spike in five minutes.
Listen to this with Dr. David Starkey, where she is just like a biting flea, making personal attacks that are not even true, and not debating at all.  The guy who seems to be organising the debate also lets her off the hook. At the end she is just garbling nothing.  Intellectually she isn't fit to clean Dr. Starkey's boots.


It sounds as though Dr. Starkey was absolutely correct in his counter-accusation against her. I can't think why the Thomas Paine society wanted her to speak at their event anyway, maybe they couldn't find anyone among the regressive left to oppose David Starkey, he is a powerful speaker and none of them are up to it. If a debating panel put Paul Joseph Watson and David Starkey against any libtard they could find, said libtard would be intellectually mangled in less than a minute. Add Jacob Rees Mogg and it would be fun to watch.

The western world is full of nasty little private school girls like this. We've now got one as a prime minster at the moment. She's not been in government a years and business confidence here has collapsed.
Who really cares ? ?

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