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This hasn't happened in 40 years
Sea of red in Treasury market may signal bond boom is over


Quote:For one, there has not been this much debt trading below face value since the data began being recorded in mid-1980s, according to Jeff Mills, co-chief investment strategist at PNC Financial Services Group.
Just read this. There is no free lunch. Interest rates will go up to attract buyers unless the Fed goes full Japan and starts buying it's own debt. Actually, according to my understanding, they have already been doing so through proxies. I recall Belgium being the biggest buyer of Treasuries for a while. The game goes on.
Higher interest rates would prompt a thorough clean out. I'm in favour!
What is the real function of debt in the modern US of A ? ?
  • [Image: debt-slave-bankster.jpg]

I believe it was Michael Hudson who called US T-Bills a tribute paid to the Empire.   He views them as a kind of tribute, as the debt will never be paid off, and only keeps on growing.
Despite all the above whining, all the interest and fees are optional: Just keep out of debt.

The REAL problem in the USA is lack of personal discipline. It shows in your finances and your trouser sizes.

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