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American Elites apologise
America is dying — average lifespan is falling, illiteracy is rising, US healthcare and
education are the worst in the developed world and the country’s infrastructure is
crumbling and second world. The US has been murdered by its ruling political
and corporate elite. they have a lot to apologise for…

Dear American people…

We, your ruling psychopathic elite, would like to apologise to you.

We’re sorry that we’ll spend $700 billion on ‘defence’ in 2108 when
many of you struggle to pay yourmonthly bills and that we let American
corporations evade $90 billion of tax payments every year.

We’re sorry that America’s infrastructure is crumbling and second
world due to lack of investment.

We’re sorry that homelessness keeps increasing whilst we let American
companies stash away $2.1 trillion of profits in overseas bank account
and tax havens.

We’re sorry that we sent your children to far away countries to fight
and die in illegal wars that have no purpose other than to make
obscenely rich and obscene old men even richer (that’s us , by the way…).

We’re sorry that you have the worst healthcare system in the
developed world.

We’re sorry that millions of Americans are sick and dying because
we let American business legally sell you opiod based drugs that
are more addictive than heroin and pump your food full of artificial
preservatives and sweeteners that we know cause cancer.

We’re sorry that you, dear American, live, on average, 10 years
less than your European counterparts.

We’re sorry that your public education system is under-funded
and ineffective and that 19% of your children will leave high schoo
l functionally illiterate (compared with Cuba where that rate is
just 0.3%, which even we have to admit is a bit embarrassing).

We’ re sorry (particularly to you, dear young Americans) that
we shut down your factories and exported good paying jobs to
slave labour and low wage economies — leaving you only with shitty McJobs.

We’re sorry that we’ve allowed US banks to become a blatantly
criminal, mafia style, money laundering conspiracy that robs you
every day, in every way.

We’re sorry that our money has utterly corrupted your political system,
so much so that it’s now no more than just a pantomime performed by
puppets with us pulling the strings; it no longer matters who you
vote for because whoever wins, we win.

We’re sorry that your mainstream media is actually a wholly-owned
subsidiary of ourselves which lies to you and manipulates you 24/7.

Dear Americans….we are truly sorry that we, the ruling psychopathic elite,
have taken your life chances, your hopes and your dreams and trodden them
underfoot and that we have taken a once great nation and raped it and destroyed
it so that we could line our own pockets and satisfy our perverse and disgusting desires.

Mmmm…hold on…no, actually, you know what. Fuck it. We’re not sorry at all. You are just
ordinary people, just a detail in history. We’ve enjoyed bleeding you and this country dry
and we’re going to carry on doing it until we have EVERYTHING.
You are the sheep. And we are the wolves.

Fuck you all.

The apology should also include:

Throwing your Southern border open to allow in millions of migrants for the sole purpose of undermining the wages of your own citizens.

The deliberate destabilization of black communities to ensure they stay poor, ignorant and voting Democrat

Your union shop state education system that consistently produces unemployable failures
the immigration influx is much more than the southern border. there is a steady influx from Asia.
This article was satire.

Something like the Onion.

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