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Need biotechnology chart.
Does anyone know of long term charts or links to them, of biotechnology.  Either an individual company or a chart of the sector if one is available.

I always find it difficult locating this kind of information.

I am curious because I think there is a link between credit expansion and advances in biotechnology/biological crises.  It is the kind of link that sometimes correlates positively and sometimes correlates negatively, and it goes back centuries.  It links with the effect of wars.

It is possible that Bob Prechter and his socionomics people have written something about this, but I have not come across it.

My thought here is that maybe in the near future credit will contract, but biotechnology will be very successful. I think this will be a major long term trend starting soon. Massive new discoveries in biotechnology.
get the from here??

Quote:Last week, the Nasdaq Biotechnology Index (IBB) , which has $7.6 billion in assets, broke through the $300 level for the first time in eight months, and with that mountain crested, could be on a glide path to $330 by the end of the year.
Additionally, on September 12, 2016, all recognized biotech ETFs reported positive performance results, giving the sector another "optics" boost and attracting more investors.

Nice Chart HERE: (does look good)

Thanks for those charts.

This is only a thought, and there will be a lot of unknown details, but generally I think biotechnology could be the inverse to a contracting credit bubble, it could pick up the money that falls out of the popped credit bubble.

Historically these two seem to sometimes move together, and sometimes inversely. I think they are about to move inversely and biotechnology will be huge, and credit will contract.
Looks like IBB has basically been tracking the Nasdaq since 2002/2003.

A yuge move up in IBB ended then corrected. Overall the correction probably isn't over...

My forecasts for the overall markets is for new B wave highs by the Spring. This would be possible in IBB, too. So I look for an attack on new all time highs. But wave C down in biotech starts sometime next year.

From the C low IBB could be dominated by Nanotechs. Who knows...

da bear

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