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Trump just ordered NORAD to shoot down Santa Claus
Quote:Fake News! [Image: lol.gif]

Naahhhhh.....these days Trump is Santa Claus .......

[Image: ?url=https%3A%2F%2Fstatic.politico.com%2...4-1160.jpg]

[Image: 9953132_web1_171222-BIR-trump48-HEROS12.jpg]
NORAD’s crazy Santa cause

An inside look at the single largest public outreach program for the Department of Defense — and the Pentagon's most elaborate propaganda operation.

It all started long ago with a typo in a Sears department store ad: “Hey, Kiddies!" Santa Claus exclaimed. "Call me direct and be sure and dial the correct number.”

But the number printed in the newspaper in December 1955 had a digit wrong — and was instead the direct line into the secret military nerve center in Colorado Springs, Colo., where the Pentagon was on the lookout to prevent nuclear war. The Air Force officer and World War II fighter pilot who took the first call that day for Father Christmas thought it was a crank — and Col. Harry Shoup sternly said so.

“The little kid started crying,” Shoup’s daughter, Terri Van Keuren, recalled in an interview. “So Dad went into his ‘Ho ho ho’ and got the kid’s list.”

Sixty-two years later, the Continental Air Defense Command is now the North American Aerospace Defense Command, and its interactive NORAD Tracks Santa has become the largest single public outreach program for the Defense Department. It’s also, you might say, the Pentagon's most elaborate propaganda operation.


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