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Americans can not pay water bills and are losing their homes
As The Baltimore Sun notes today, a new study conducted by economist Roger Colton found that a series of water bill hikes, an effort designed to raise money to repair the city's crumbling water infrastructure, has left the poorest residents facing bills equal to 20% of their monthly income.

In 8 percent of the city’s census tracts, the poorest fifth of households face water bills costing more than 20 percent of their income, Colton estimated. In a quarter of the tracts, the poorest fifth face bills amounting to between 10 and 20 percent of their income.
By 2019, Colton concluded, water won’t be affordable for households making 150 percent of the federal poverty rate, which is $36,450 for a family of four. A third of city households make that much or less.
Colton defined affordability as a household paying less than 2 percent of it’s income for water. The federal Environmental Protection Agency uses a threshold of 4.5 percent.
“People just genuinely can't afford to pay ever-increasing water rates,” she said.

Not surprisingly, few Baltimore households have actually budgeted 20% of their annual income for water expenditures which has resulted in many simply skipping payments and others even losing their homes...events which have prompted local city council officials to consider sweeping reforms on how water is priced.

As more and more people can’t afford to pay, the city could find itself in a “downward spiral,” forced to impose larger and larger price increases to pay for court-ordered infrastructure upgrades, economist Roger Colton said.
“Even though Baltimore is raising its water and sewer rates, it’s also seeing this incredibly high increase in the amount of money that it’s not collecting from its billing,” Colton said.


Quote:First Detroit, now Baltimore.  3rd world conditions in America are spreading fast.

Quote:If there is no water, let them drink soda!

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