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First drone that's both aircraft and submarine
Quote:The first combination aerial and underwater bridge inspection was successfully conducted on the Delaware Memorial Bridge Twin Spans on June 18, 2017, using an innovative drone that can both fly and swim.

The collaborative effort included the Delaware River Bay Authority (DRBA), Rutgers University-New Brunswick (RU-NB) and SubUAS LLC.

The hybrid unmanned vehicle, known as the Naviator, was developed at Rutgers School of Engineering with Office of Naval Research (ONR) funding.

Researchers in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering at Rutgers-New Brunswick, under the direction of School of Engineering professor F. Javier Diez, developed the Naviator prototype in 2013, with subsequent technologic advancements to its propulsion, buoyancy and control systems.

 “The Naviator’s ability to seamlessly and rapidly transition from flying in the air to maneuvering underwater provides tremendous opportunities for a number of industries and naval operations,” said Diez.

Quote:"The Naviator drone’s ability to repeatedly transition from water to air in less than two seconds has opened up novel markets that will find these capabilities advantageous,” said Mark Contarino, vice president of technology, SubUAS LLC. “Our long-term partnership with Rutgers, DRBA, and our sponsor ONR, continues to provide invaluable insight into future enhancements and applications of this amazing technology.”

Civilian technology today, but funded by and for the military.

Guns don't kill people, the government does.

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