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Gillie's DECADE in Court, coming to a head
Our Federal Government has seized my property accusing me of "financial support of terrorism" and "counterfeiting in an attempt to undermine the currency of the USA".
SINCE that siezure a decade ago has refused to even acknowledge any of my pro se filing I've made and refused to allow me any kind of hearing or due process at all.

Hence, I assume I will lose this last OBJECTION but designed it to hold my right to an APPEAL
If I lose, it won't be because I did not fight and was not right. I've bowed down to Government many times but feel this issue is too important.

I'm still searching for legal help if anyone has suggestions.

Claimant David Gillie’s Objection to Proposed Final Order
David Gillie, a Petitioner in this case, OBJECTS to the PROPOSED FINAL ORDER in this matter and states the following in support:
1.     The proposed Final Order states that it is an agreement based on “what items the Government and Defendant agreed were contraband”. Gillie disputes that the Defendant in this matter has any right or ability to decide for the Court what is or is not contraband. Additionally, the Government has no right to unilaterally make a decision that is properly in the realm of the Court to decide.
2.     David Gillie (“Gillie”) has filed multiple motions and objections in this matter, none of which have been answered with the exception of referral to the original Order for Forfeiture signed by this Court on or about November 20, 2015.[1]
3.     All previous Motions and Objections and the original Claim filed by Gillie are incorporated by reference to this Objection.
4.     All Motions and Objections filed by Gillie after that have either referred back to the original order or have failed to be ruled on.
5.     Gillie has made multiple attempts by Motion, email, and phone to resolve this issue with the Government.
6.     The Government has incorrectly (by their own admission) inventoried at the minimum the half ounce pieces that Gillie is claiming. This claim is unbelievable since there have been multiple discussions by email, phone, and Motion by Gillie that SHOULD have alerted any reasonable person to the “error”.
7.     The “inartful” notation claimed by the Government is further unbelievable considering, to the best of information and knowledge of Gillie, only 500 half ounce 2008 Stop the War pieces were seized and Gillie is the only claimant of these pieces.[2]
8.     The Court has ruled that other pieces were not contraband for reasons including a non-governmental notation on them and use in a political campaign. [3]
9.     The pieces at issue here, as set forth in the other Motions filed in this matter by Gillie, are clearly non-governmental and were intended to be used as a political statement. [4]  Stop the War has been ruled on by Courts previously to be protected speech under the first amendment. [5]
10. Additionally, the Court set forth the guidance that pieces that were used as exhibits at the trial were subject to mandatory forfeiture. The Stop the War token was never used at trial to Gillie’s knowledge and belief.[6]
11. As a Claimant who has had portions of his claim denied, Gillie is entitled to a hearing on this matter under 21 USC § 853(n).
_______________________                                       ______________________
David L. Gillie                                                            Dated
I certify that on June 26, 2017, I served a copy of this objection on: Benjamin Bain-Creed, Assistant United States Attorney via First Class Mail.
David L. Gillie

[1] This document (#280) incorrectly list two sets of 1000.5 troy ounces of silver rounds seized. The Government in its Supplemental Memorandum (#839) admits that the initial inventory was WRONG and attempts to excuse it as an “inartful” designation.
[2] Even allowing for the “inartful” inventory of the Stop the War pieces the 500 half ounce pieces would only amount to 250 ounces not the 2000 ounces that are listed in the inventory.
[3] For example see the 2007 Chiropractic token, the Hawaii Dala, and the 2008 Ron Paul token.
[4] Gillie is unaware of any government, USA or otherwise, that has EVER used the statement “STOP THE WAR” on a coin or monetary instrument of any type.
[5] For example, see Cohen v. California 403 U.S. 15 (1971)
[6] Gillie has requested copies of what was entered as exhibits during the trial but was informed by the Prosecution Attorney that those were not available to Gillie.

[Image: PeaceAg.jpg?height=199&width=400]
Thank you for fighting for Liberty. I know it was and is not easy. Don't become bitter, protect your heart. The Feds are a tyranny, as cases like yours illustrate. Resist we must, as best we are able. Thank you.
Best of luck friend!
(07-04-2017, 03:01 PM)doubletroublejim Wrote: Thank you for fighting for Liberty.  I know it was and is not easy. Don't become bitter, protect your heart. The Feds are a tyranny, as cases like yours illustrate. Resist we must, as best we are able. Thank you.

Great advice!

Life has been much better since I learned that,
it is a bit hard to remember some times though.
"Thank you for your service."
Really, you are doing great work and FWIW I appreciate it.
Guns don't kill people, the government does.
Nice work Dave!

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