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Why White Americans Are So Angry
He makes a fair point
Quote:These men are sitting at home all day in their dens, the bars of sunlight and shadow from the wooden Venitian blinds cross-hatching their faces. Playing with bullets and pills scattered idly across their leathertop desks. Sitting with a rock-cristal tumber and decanter, slowly sipping and topping off the a single finger of bourbon over and over at a leisurely pace.

The man puts one or two bullets into of the pistol, gives the barrel a spin, clicks it into place, and holds the hammer back with his thumb. He stares thoughtfully into the dusty late-afternoon gloom of the home office, listening to the quiet soundwash of the air conditioner. After a time, he gently nudges the barrel out, and lets the bullets drop back to the desk top, where they come to rest with a satsfyingly muted bass note. Then the man picks up a pill, gazes at it a few minutes, and down the hatch it goes. Chase it with a tiny swallow of bourbon. The good stuff. He rasps off the crystal stopper of the decanter, the bourbon splashes and gurgles softly, and then it's back to playing with the bullets and pills, nudging them around with his silver letter-opener or the old cross pen he got for graduation from somebody years ago.

It's a satisfying ritual, perfomed over and over, day after day. There is nothing frantic or hectic about it. A little bit like a tea ceremony, he thinks somewhat fuzzily. A familiar cycle of soft metalic clicks, muted clacks of bullets dropping to desk. The jarlike shifting of the stopper in the decanter's neck, the trickling burbon. All conducted in the gloom of his dim-but-not-dark home office, with its dark masculine wood and rich smell of oiled letter. All very soiid, very mature.

The game has been going on for several years now, and for a long time he didn't have to think much about things because of that nice liquid 6-figure cushion of savings. But three or four years down the road, the cushion is about to drop queasily from six to five figures, and pretty soon decisions have to be made. How did I go broke? goes the old Hemmingway quote. Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly. The man in the dark smiles a dark little smile; the quote is like an old friend by now, usually rears it's head around this time of the day.

Quote:Some have pointed out that violent revolution and social instability often occur when you have large numbers of overeducated but underemployed or idle men. They have built up expectations and skills but they can't find work that matches their training and aspirations.

As one example, many of the Arab countries have fit this profile for decades. Perhaps counterintuitively, many if not most of the top radical Islamist terrorist leaders were originally trained in the hard sciences...engineering, IT, medical doctors, etc. I guess in the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 80s, the Middle Eastern countries had so much oil money falling out their asses and so many kids wandering aroind that they gave out free, high-quality education. As kids, a lot of the students came from impoverished backgrounds and were hungry to rise in the world, which gave them an edge. They all thought they were going to be the fist generation of their family to make it big and move out of the mud-hut into a fancy house. But the old prices collapsed and also the market was flooded with too many STEM PhDs and whatnot...you had pissed-off brain-surgeons living on the government dole and driving taxis part-time, stuff like that. With all their anger and free time, they started reading and swapping around extremist literature and soon became "radicalized."

Similar things have happened in other parts of the world...With the crumbling of the Soviet system, there was suddenly a glut of over-educated young peoole in the ex-Soviet Bloc countries. In the old Sovciet system they would be given goverment hack jobs or tossed in theoretical labs and think-tanks. If you have a PhD in Thermal Chemistry and you find yourself manning a cash-reister in a convenience store, you are going to be bored, insulted, and perhaps even enraged. A lot of these countries were violent, dangerous near-collapsed societies in the 1990s and early 00s...its only recently they have gotten their shit together.

The same thing is already underway in the US. You have overeducated, indebted people who are smart enouh to do job XYZ, but 100 of them will apply for a single job opening. So these kids, with more time than money and with the internet at their fingertips, are becoming radicalized (either with 4chan/8chan style "alt right" stuff or lefrist SJW screeching). And there are a lit of people even up in the 40s and 50s now who are overqualified and can't find good work. Many have no wives or kids these days, which means they have nothing to lose. If you had top-of-the-line computer engineering skills and 20 years of good experience, and get laid off, would you rather work as a Walmart clerk or would you rather learn to hack into the bank accounts of people and organizations you see as ideological enimies? The next decade are going to see lots of Walter White types: Nerds gone rogue.

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