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The ONLY PLace SAFE left in the world

ironically this illustrates that the only


PLace SAFE left in the world

from US Hedgemony

Putin sarcastically offers Comey political asylum in Russia
Russia is not under their thumb, which is why they all hate Russia so much. Can you believe that resolution in the Senate for new sanctions? 97 to 2. Kudos to Rand Paul for voting no. Regardless of what you think about Russia, I believe there is a sizeable amount of people who would prefer rapproachment to more war mongering. I consider that vote disgusting. I think a large part of this whole Russia thing is to make sure that Trump can't work at all with Russia.
Yep.  I don't know whether it's true that Snowden ended up in Moscow only because it was the place you can fly to from Hong Kong with the best connections to Latin America (which he claims was his intended destination) but Russia is the only place he's safe from US government grasp for the long term.  There are other countries where the government might be able to keep him safe if he, for example, never left a military base.  But Russia is probably the only place that a) a CIA team can't get out of the country with their kidnapee (don't want to end up like Raoul Wallenberg) and b) might credibly be able to retaliate by kidnapping someone out of the US.
Naturally this is just speculation on my part, but that's how I see it.
Guns don't kill people, the government does.
Russia is the only country that can threaten US military dominance. We wouldn't dare provoke them.

I wonder if the US joined forces with Russia, could the two nations enforce a global order on the rest of the world, especially China, India, and Iran? What is preventing the USA from joining forces with Russia? Maybe Israel...Europe/NATO, control of OPEC....Do our interests really conflict that much?

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