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Deutsche Bank ...JSMINESET ...
The boys over at jsmineset.com are predicting a bank failure ! and it is a big one..


Should Deutsche Bank fail  the jig is up for the economy! [according to them] 

2008 will be mild in comparison
The big question is when? I predict after the election. I also agree this sets off the tumble worldwide. What can't go on won't go on.
Armstong's latest post on Deutsche is really good. https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/inter...e-bail-in/
Her main concern is the ISLAMIC conversions of EUROPE ...... the hell with the Banksters

More refugee ISIS for Deutschlands is her main goals

That HEXE should be burned at the Stake

Stupid romantisch low IQ do gooders just will not see the Consequences

Time for some STRUM & FEUER

remember das ALT WEGS !

no tolerance
Rolleyes    JP MORGAN metals price suppression Team-LEADER / and bank run expert ... to Jamie Diamonds

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