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Automation and AI will destroy free market capitalism
(04-20-2017, 05:04 PM)Innocynic Wrote: This is the sort of thread that keeps me coming back to Taoeconomics.  Well done, guys.  I intend to post a brilliant argument on this thread as soon as I think of one.

Please jump in!

(04-20-2017, 07:55 PM)DaveGillie Wrote: NOW for the other part of that hypothesis
the SOCIAL psychological effects of dramatic change in life
often it results in turmoil, VIOLENCE and changes in systems.
Think of changing from hunter gatherer to agriculture
THEN the industrialization brought us world wars and the evils of Communism/Socialism (CS)?
or did the fall of USSR just fine tune CS to a more workable system?
we like to cling to the past till things BREAK
people LIKE FASCISM when they're mad
will Fascism replace Capitalism? in many Countries for a while?
Till we RE Learn that Freedom works?
perhaps Governments will retain ownership over AI and large corporations automatic processes?
and share with the population?
what if the whole world would have gone Communistic in the 1930s instead of a variety of different systems existing so we could see what worked and what did no?
the world seems a lot more connected now than historically, perhaps the next reactionary evil system will be worldwide and we'll be doomed with it forever?

Bravo! The Mises institute has a job for you, or at least a cheerleading position.
So do you make everyone Free? How?

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