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Trump wuhan
Trump is going to double crush it as now the corona virus exposes the SHEAR INSANITY OF THE LUNATIC LEFT THAT WANTS OPEN BORDERS...


so you better get extra trumpy and shut that shit down toot suite 

My sources in China are talking about total decimation, all orders for everything have stopped....only commerce related to the virus are really in operation.

Dhgate, alibaba,lots of suppliers to amazon, all getting locked up, the courier and mail system is, americans are starting to get in panic mode and again, don't want to touch any package that may have come from china.

I have one that was sent out on the slow boat on 1/12, so it's been in transit since that time, but what does that mean? who touched it, has it spent lots of time on the ground, maybe a guy on the boat unloading it has it on his hands? all these questions and more, who knows how long it lives on objects, do you trust what "scientists" say???

all I know is that shit is getting treated like fucking toxic waste....I will  be donning a full chem suit, with full face shield respo, with hazmat everything on , I have a healthy amount of powerful UV lights and will be setting up a "bio tent" in the yard to quarantine the package and blast it with UV, after doing the outer package, I will repeat the same process with the contents inside. Nothing will be touched, everything will be with gloved hands and tongs. Prior to the UV I will use lysol spray to disinfect the package and contents,if it ends up in my mail box, it will disinfected and then a fresh coat of spray paint to encapsulate anything

and then after that....NOTHING is willfully being purchased from China by me or anyone I know.Corona virusitis has hit people are getting panicky

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