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Syria gas attack, diabolical, false flag, or both?
I honestly don't know what to make of the gas attack in Syria.  I think though, it can be divided into two narratives.  

First narrative from the West and U.S.:

The Syrian government is so craven and evil it gasses women and children in rebel held territories. It doesn't care what the world thinks, and doesn't think there will be reprocussions severe enough to matter.  

Second narrative from Russia and Syria: 

This is a false flag operation we predicted weeks ago.  We see no concrete evidence of a gas attack and why would Assad do such a thing in a war he is already winning?  What possible advantage could the Syrians gain from doing this that would not be far out weighed by the negatives?  Even if there was a gas attack, it was probably done by the rebels themselves to get the U.S. to  attack Assad's forces.

Either one of these narratives means there is some serious evil going on here.  Which one is the truth? Or is the truth found elsewhere?  It does seem military action is coming from this, which could escalate in very bad ways.   Too bad we don't have a press that will investigate this event objectively, and not just be a mouthpiece for one faction or another.  That's the problem with lying to people, you lose your credibility.  It all just becomes propaganda and that has serious consequences too.

But that's the latest from the West too. They are saying  Putin is so evil he uses propaganda to obfuscate his actions.  The Russians use misinformation to muddy the waters, and use it to undermine the West.

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