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Assad interview - silverfish - 05-13-2017


Assad interview analysed by a truth psychologist.  She believes him.  As I always have done.  He is a good and intelligent man being demonised by evil people.

RE: Assad interview - andrew_o - 05-13-2017

Psychopaths are good at lying.

RE: Assad interview - silverfish - 05-16-2017

I hope people on this forum got to watch that video, when I went to look at it again yesterday it had been taken down.

RE: Assad interview - Herring - 05-17-2017

I did not.

RE: Assad interview - silverfish - 05-17-2017

(05-17-2017, 08:30 PM)Herring Wrote: I did not.

It was the interview of Assad denying harming his own people with gas, analysed by a psychologist using facial and body language, youtube channel called The Dialogue.

I thought it strange that it was taken down so quickly.  The war on fake news?