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Electric vehicles basically useless in cold weather - andrew_o - 02-06-2020

New test reveals electric cars are practically unusable in winter
[Image: tesla-supercharger-in-the-snow.jpg?itok=3pQIJXig]

Quote:[color=var(--dtv_bold_color)]A new [color=var(--dtv_black)]comparative test of the car picture shows that electric cars massively lose range in winter. In frosty temperatures, the range of four out of five test candidates dropped to under 70 kilometers, and that of the Renault Zoe to under 60 kilometers.
Due to its enormous battery, only the Tesla Model S was able to reach a range of over 200 kilometers even in winter temperatures, but the luxury car is in a price range (it is available from 78,000 euros) that most drivers simply cannot cope with.
Performance can drop by 50 percent in cold conditions

The result is not surprising. Batteries are less efficient in winter due to their chemical properties. This insight does not seem to have reached the planners of the traffic and energy turnaround yet. Tests conducted by the [color=var(--dtv_bold_color)]independent German Dekra testing organization have also shown that the power loss of a battery can be as low as minus five degrees up to 50 percent.

The results of the Auto-Bild test are simply a catastrophe for politicians, who are still persuading citizens that it is possible to switch from private transport to battery-powered vehicles. The truth is, however, that electric cars have so far only been suitable as city cars for rich people who can afford to put a classic car with a combustion engine in their garage alongside an electric car. This is certainly not environmentally friendly, because dual motorization consumes money, parking space, and resources.
The new test results now prove that electric cars are not only anything for journeys on vacation, long distances, and commuters, but with some models, it is probably already difficult to master an easy journey to the next county in winter at all.
Anyone who then considers how bad the resource and CO2 balance of e-cars is if their production is taken into account gets a first idea of the castles in the air that politicians are currently building. Perhaps the car industry and politicians should first remember to calculate physically and chemically correctly instead of acting politically correctly.

RE: Electric vehicles basically useless in cold weather - brunt - 02-06-2020

Yup, February here regularly has a high of -13 or so. And I am in very southern Canada.