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Trump knew - aqua - 11-27-2019


Trump knew about whistleblower complaint when he freed Ukraine aid: report

Published: Nov 26, 2019 7:21 p.m. ET

"President Donald Trump knew about the whistleblower complaint against him when he finally released $391 million in security aid to Ukraine, the New York Times reported late Tuesday. Citing two sources familiar with the matter, the Times reported that Trump had been briefed in August about the whistleblower's letter regarding his dealings with Ukraine; Trump stopped blocking the congressionally approved aid package in early September, and around the same time told Ambassador to the EU Gordon Sondland that there was "no quid pro quo." Trump was also facing pressure from Congress to release the aid. The report could help clarify the timeline of Trump's actions, including what he knew, and when."

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RE: Trump knew - doubletroublejim - 11-27-2019

Under budget guidelines the aid had to be released by mid September or be tied up by budget sequester rules. The deadline is midnight Sept 30 but for administrative reasons has to be done a week or so before. Sorry aqua, that dog doesn't hunt either.