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  Modern "capitalism" is better than slavery for the ownership class
Posted by: ModestProposals - Yesterday, 06:28 PM - Forum: Gloves Off - Replies (2)

Quote:Slave owners has to house, feed, and treat their slaves for health problems. If they failed to the slave would die and the owner would be out of luck and money. They also had to pay overseers to supervise their slaves and maintain order. After all of those costs maybe revenue exceeded expenses by 10-20%.

Modern day wage slaves in low wage jobs get their rent, food, and healthcare subsidized by the taxpayer with socialist programs. The owner of the business pays only the minimum wage required by law. The employee can just be let go if he is a problem whereas with a slave you were stuck with him and had to have your overseer beat him to correct behavior. Law enforcement does the work of policing wage slaves; no large overseer and company crew needed by the owner any longer.

The loser in the modern way is the guy with a 9-5 job that makes between $65K and $450K a year; he is paying a huge portion of his income toward socialist slavery.

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  Another lost decade, 8 years of incomes stagnating the rich get richer
Posted by: ModestProposals - Yesterday, 03:33 PM - Forum: Gloves Off - No Replies

Quote:Worst part of the whole Republican control of Congress fiasco is that America gets another lost decade; 8 more years of incomes stagnating while the rich get richer.

Quote:Foxconn Jobs. everyone gets rich

Quote:Foxconn has announced that their will be free suicide nets on the side of the building like they do in China.  I'm sure working at Foxconn is real swell.

Quote:Foxconn = more of the same shitty McJobs that Obama gave us.

Quote:I 169% agree Obama wasted 8 years of progress for us.

Quote:Foxconn is also practically being financed with tax dollars. Probably lots of illegal graft.

Quote:America is a lost cause in terminal decline. The best any president can do is delay the inevitable for a decade or two.

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  How to know you're in a mass hysteria bubble
Posted by: doubletroublejim - Yesterday, 12:42 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (2)

Excellent article by Dilbert creator. Check out the comments section too.  I want one of those bumper stickers mentioned there. 


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  Medical administrative overhead
Posted by: andrew_o - 08-19-2017, 09:54 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (2)


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  Brown shirt mystery
Posted by: DaveGillie - 08-19-2017, 05:53 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (5)

The NAZI (National Socialist) Brown Shirts were always a mystery to me believe it or not.

I never could figure out how a non Governmental police type group could have such power, unchecked and violent
remember, many anti Nationalist Socialists existed at that time.

But after Charlotsville VA I think I have it figured out.
You just need enough evil hateful anti law Socialists in power to direct the police force to NOT PROTECT the initially peaceful, permitted protestors, then allow a more massive UNpermitted group to come in with weaponized baseball bats, etc, while looking the other way.
THEN BLAME the victims when they lash out

super easy when the victims are hateful monters - but still have SUPPOSEDLY FREE SPEECH rights
I say "supposedly" because when you sic a crowd with weapons on them instead of protecting them, you are DEFACTOR OUTLAWING FREE SPEECH.

as any idiot knows, Free speech is NOT Free if it doesn't protect hate speech

From now on, it seems clear that physically violently attacking hate speakers, IS LEGAL.

Further more, pointing out that it is illegal and immoral to violently attack one for simply SPEAKING, makes you an OUTLAW (as in outside the law and subject to legal sanctioned violence)

siipperly slope we've fallen off

HOPEFULLY these Socialists aren't as successful as the NAZI SOCIALISTS were

I really am scared, personally and generally.
I've change things in my personal lifes' routine to be more careful

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  Antifa Members are Now Protesting George Soros Demanding Their Payments
Posted by: ModestProposals - 08-19-2017, 11:12 AM - Forum: Gloves Off - Replies (3)

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  GMO crops and seed saving myths
Posted by: andrew_o - 08-19-2017, 07:10 AM - Forum: Misc - No Replies


Quote:By the time genetically engineered seeds came along, the practice of buying new seeds every year had been common place for more than half a century. There were and are a few reasons for this:
Firstly, by the 1930s, commercial hybrid crop varieties began to proliferate. When one replants second generation seeds from hybrids, one gets a mixture of inferior varieties, so it was in farmers’ best interest to buy new seeds each year. This was especially true for corn farmers, who had by and large been relying almost exclusively on hybrids for roughly a half a century before GE technology came along.
Secondly, buying seeds each year grants farmers certain quality assurances which would let them be confident that either their seeds would be of high quality, or that they’d at least have some recourse of action in the event that the seeds didn’t perform as advertised.
Thirdly, the plant patent act of 1930 meant that plant breeders could procure intellectual property rights on certain varieties of seeds. If everyone just bought the seed once and then made as many copies as they ever wanted, the patents would become meaningless, and there’d be less incentive for innovation in plant breeding. In principle, this is not all that different from software licensing agreements and other forms of intellectual and/or artistic copyrights in which unchallenged piracy would ostensibly permit unlimited copies to be made for free, in which case the concept of intellectual property rights would be rendered meaningless.
Yet, there is one myth that often gets used as a criticism against genetic engineered crops. This myth usually takes the form of “I’m not anti-GMO, but farmers always used to save seeds, and the GMO companies have made it so that nobody can do that, and thus everyone is forced to buy new seeds every season.”
By framing this as though it were an indictment of GM seeds, this myth implies a false premise; namely, it presupposes that buying seeds every year was something that wasn’t already normal prior to GMOs, and that it’s something unique to GMOs.
Moreover, farmers who don’t like signing contracts or who dislike a particular seed company’s contracts have other options. The reason why GE seeds are popular is because, once all the cost benefit analysis is done (taking seed prices into account of course), many farmers deem the advantages of the GE seeds to vastly outweigh whatever minimal benefit they might gain by avoiding annual seed contracts.
I’ve sometimes even heard people claim that the patents somehow allow Monsanto to “force people to use their seeds.” I’m singling out Monsanto here simply because they are invariably the one company accused of this when I hear people make this claim. However, this is of course complete nonsense. That has never happened. A seed company can’t force anyone to use anything. Farmers choose to use thee seeds they do on the basis of a variety criteria, not least of which is the question of whether they permit them higher outputs for fewer inputs. Moreover, contrary to what such myths imply, most farmer’s don’t find these stewardship agreements particularly onerous:
The popularity of these myths is yet another example of why it’s important to maintain some healthy skepticism with respect to popular public discourse on controversial subject matters. These myths spread because too many people are accepting claims from laypeople (and/or from people with an ax to grind) at face value instead of fact-checking and asking professional farmers questions about it.

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  Chomsky on Antifa
Posted by: andrew_o - 08-19-2017, 05:44 AM - Forum: Politics - Replies (3)

Surprising comments from him:

Quote:MIT linguistics professor, anti-capitalist activist and leftist icon Noam Chomsky disrupted the narrative being pushed by his colleagues on the Left about the "anti-fascist" Antifa movement. Rather than being the heroic defenders of the disenfranchised against the forces of fascism, as the left-leaning media is attempting to portray them, Chomsky described the group as a "major gift to the Right," "often wrong in principle," and "generally self-destructive."

The frequently violent, free speech-suppressing Antifa has become the darling of the left-wing media after the horrific events in Charlottesville and President Trump's insistence on blaming both the alt-right and the "alt-Left" for the violence. The famous professor talked with the Washington Examiner about the movement and pointed out several ugly realities that many liberals are willfully ignoring.

"As for Antifa, it's a minuscule fringe of the Left, just as its predecessors were," Chomsky said of the movement, composed of a ragtag group of loosely affiliated socialists, Marxists, racial activists, and anarchists who are willing to use force to promote their agenda. "It's a major gift to the Right, including the militant Right, who are exuberant."

"[W]hat they do is often wrong in principle — like blocking talks — and [the movement] is generally self-destructive," he said. Their violent tactics, predicted Chomsky, will inevitably lead to their destruction because the "toughest and most brutal" always win, which Chomsky suggests is the white supremacist fascists they purport to be combating.
"When confrontation shifts to the arena of violence, it's the toughest and most brutal who win – and we know who that is," he said. "That's quite apart from the opportunity costs – the loss of the opportunity for education, organizing, and serious and constructive activism."


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  Sailors detained by Iranians punished
Posted by: Herring - 08-19-2017, 12:19 AM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

On the last board, I posted an article about the incident where US sailors in small "riverine" boats were headed from Bahrain to Kuwait and ended up detained by Iranian forces when one of the boats broke down in Iranian waters.  Iran has several small islands in the Persian Gulf, far from the mainland and one of them is apparently right on the short-line route between Bahrain and Kuwait.

Now these sailors and their superiors are all being punished by the navy:


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  silverfish, did you know about these e-paths?
Posted by: Herring - 08-18-2017, 07:30 PM - Forum: Misc - Replies (3)

Quote:What are "E-Paths"?

E-Paths are the European long distance paths which link the countries from North Cape to Crete and from the Atlantic Ocean to the Carpathians and the Black Sea.There are 12 E-Paths, bearing the name of E1 to E12. These E-Paths are waymarked and maintained by the members of the European Ramblers Association (ERA - EWV - FERP). The E-Paths run on existing national or regional trails with their own marking. However, it has been agreed to identify them also with a uniform marking: a blue shield with the yellow stars of Europe, in the middle of which is the letter E and the corresponding number of the E-path. Under the shield is also included the website address of the European Ramblers Association. 

[Image: csm_E-paths_ALL_2015_7a50c43008.jpg]


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