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  Biden is screwed
Posted by: andrew_o - 5 hours ago - Forum: Politics - No Replies

The evidence given in the Senate about Hunter Biden basically ended Joe's political career:


He's as bent as a three dollar bill

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  No matter what you do politically, it doesn't matter.
Posted by: doubletroublejim - Yesterday, 04:35 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (3)

It's comparable to 1938, but completely different this time. Time to act, at least on a personal level.  Elections are now controlled.  Though no techie, my personal experience says this is true. I found this article on Lew Rockwell immediately AFTER posting on the search engine " Google is a propagandized piece of shit" which I wrote after TRYING to do a search on it.  Just coincidence I guess.


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  Biden on immigration
Posted by: andrew_o - 01-26-2020, 07:40 AM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

Click on the image to make the movie run

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  Canadian climate data
Posted by: andrew_o - 01-24-2020, 04:57 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (2)

Feds scrapped 100 years of data on climate change

Quote:Canadians already suspicious of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax are likely be even more suspicious given a report by Ottawa-based Blacklock’s Reporter that Environment Canada omitted a century’s worth of observed weather data in developing its computer models on the impacts of climate change.

The scrapping of all observed weather data from 1850 to 1949 was necessary, a spokesman for Environment Canada told Blacklock’s Reporter, after researchers concluded that historically, there weren’t enough weather stations to create a reliable data set for that 100-year period.

“The historical data is not observed historical data,” the spokesman said. “It is modelled historical data … 24 models from historical simulations spanning 1950 to 2005 were used.”

These computer simulations are part of the federal government’s ClimateData.ca website launched by Environment Minister Catherine McKenna on Aug. 15.

She described it as “an important next step in giving our decision-makers even greater access to important climate data for long-term planning. The more each of us uses this type of information, the more it will help.”

Blacklock’s Reporter, which describes itself as “the only reporter-owned and operated newsroom in Ottawa” focusing on intensive reporting of government documents, notes that in many cases the observed temperatures scrapped by Environment Canada in creating its computer models, were higher in the past than today.

For example, Vancouver had a higher record temperature in 1910 (30.6C) than in 2017 (29.5C).

Toronto had a warmer summer in 1852 (32.2C) than in 2017 (31.7C).

The highest temperature in Moncton in 2017 was four degrees cooler than in 1906.

Brandon, Man., had 49 days where the average daily temperature was above 20C in 1936, compared to only 16 in 2017, with a high temperature of 43.3C that year compared to 34.3C in 2017.

Blacklock’s Reporter also said that in an earlier report on forest fires, Environment Canada blamed climate change for “record-shattering” forest fires in British Columbia that destroyed 3.3 million acres in 2018, omitting the Chinchaga Firestorm that destroyed five million acres in B.C. and Alberta in 1950.

To be fair, the fact that it omitted observed weather data from 1850 to 1949 in developing its computer models is not evidence in and of itself of an attempt by Environment Canada to mislead the public.

Omitting observed historical weather data from computer models is common in climate science because of differences in the quality of the reporting of weather data today, compared to 1850 when historical records started being kept.
Also, weather is not climate.
Computer climate models don’t claim to predict what the weather will be like on any given day, month or year.

They predict long-term weather and climate patterns.

Climate scientists test their validity by assessing whether their models predicting future climate patterns can explain climate change patterns in the past, which is based on more data than that provided solely by historical records.

Finally, the fact that in some cases regional temperatures were warmer in the past than today, does not disprove the theory of human-induced climate change.

Having said that, McKenna and other politicians give the public inaccurate information about climate change all the time.

McKenna, during a recent visit to Toronto, blamed flooding at the south end of the Don Valley Parkway on man-made climate change.Except that area has been flooding since the glaciers retreated 12,000 years ago, long before industrial greenhouse gas emissions existed.

Just like ISIS, they try to destroy history.

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  Clinton comments on Sanders
Posted by: andrew_o - 01-23-2020, 07:15 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (2)


For once in her life she spoke the truth:

Clinton says 'nobody likes' Sanders and won't commit to backing him if he's the Democratic nominee

Quote:"He was in Congress for years. He had one senator support him. Nobody likes him, nobody wants to work with him, he got nothing done," 

Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin

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  Wuhan Coronavirus - anyone concerned??
Posted by: DaveGillie - 01-23-2020, 03:24 AM - Forum: Misc - Replies (29)

Quote:First Wuhan Coronavirus Case in the U.S.

seems like they warn and scare way too often,
I'm just shrugging it off,
my 13yo son is a bit paranoid,
my wife is currently immuno compromised but won't stay home or be extra careful - bummer

Several people told me today our local Hospitals are on HIGH ALERT,
with signs and questionings

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  Called evil, for doing Good!
Posted by: DaveGillie - 01-21-2020, 10:28 PM - Forum: Misc - Replies (2)

MSM likes to advocate how evil it is to do good deeds.
EVIL word games twisting the meaning of words.......................
as our official Board Dictionary Policeman, I must say, this stuff makes me SICK!!
(and it's just one more tiny example)

and it's always "evil Capitalists" and the "poor being taken advantage of".

The answer? THINK about it, stop the poor from making money doing good for others with their blood???
that would be a lot more shameful. (btw, I know a ton of non-poor who donate for FREE on a regular basis).


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Posted by: andrew_o - 01-21-2020, 07:49 PM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

Something I didn't know:

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Posted by: da bear - 01-21-2020, 06:22 PM - Forum: Markets, Money & Investing - Replies (8)


With the back ground narrative now being "IMPEACH TRUMP" aka MUH-PEACHMENT this looks like a head wind for bullish asset markets (aka stocks) as opposed to BEARISH/hedge asset markets like GOLD.

Gold sold off early today, and bounced back a bit.  I think gold ramps back up, and attacks $1,600ish.  Gold might still be in a BEAR MARKET CORRECTION since 2011 but even then, I think gold bounces back a bit as weak shorts cover and gold bugs dip back in again.  Although maybe a sucker high B top to new nominal highs just north of $2,000ish might be a year or two or 3 off....

Bitcoin: ok, wow, almost typed BitCON -- Freudian slip????  Might not be a hedge market, maybe more of an ANTI-CASH BULLISH bet (like stocks).  Hit 9,000 then backed off.  Could be a correction still.... Even IF that 3,000 low from a year or so ago won't get breached.  So... maybe  a small position in GBTC (Bitcoin tracking trust) and a TINY position in crypto stock bets but that might be about it -- although it looks like one of THE markets to keep an eye on.

Stocks have had a sluggish day so far.  Returns could be sideways at best thru the spring/summer.  

A noticeable reversal here could lead to an unraveling stock market fairly quickly.  Either way, I think the DJIA retests 24,000ish before it makes its ultimate run up to 40,000ish (or even higher).

Cash is probably king as caution reigns.

DJIA wave count that I prefer might be getting away from me soon: A up is over with A comprising a, a-b-c for b then, c up, with a of B down in the books, and a-b-c up for b up of b down in the books....  So, then you get c of B down to that 24,000ish level.  Before C up for the bigger B of a corrective triangle that I think began in January/February 2018.  

Too many over-lapping waves (in my opinion) over the past couple of years to be a REAL breakout.  

Breadth doesn't look so hot.  And, can BEYOND BURGERS or whatever the fuck REALLY lead a healthy, SUSTAINED break-out rally?  

Here's a pic of the DJIA in the last 4 years.  Looks like a hard count to figure out....  BREAKOUT up is possible but I like the triangle/wedge pattern count the most.  Basically a mini-Jaws of Death aka a mid-cycle technical correction inside a MEGA BULL MARKET that ENDS no later than 2029-2033.

[Image: big.chart?nosettings=1&symb=djia&uf=0&ty...mocktick=1]

Even if this count doesn't hold up, the closer ALTERNATIVE would take the DJIA to 20,000 to 21,000ish sooner rather than later (year or so after the election for DA LOW).

And, the way gold is positioned, I think gold is ready for a snap-back, dead cat, alternate count REBOUND RALLY that is IMMINENT.

THIS situation would be BEARISH for BULLISH BETS (namely stocks, and, to a lesser extent, Bitcoin).


... one more thing...

I looked at coinflation.com the other day.  It SEEMS to me that it LOOKS LIKE they quit making nickels in 2014.  OR that the website has an error OR the nickels have a new composite.

If so....



"It's not a bank run -- it's a jail break".

da bear

Call your local ticket broker about Memphis Wrestling Federation season tickets!

P.S.  I think I like DA GOLD COUNT/scenario more than the others, but I will keep an eye on both.  A CONFIRMATION of a stock market reversal will lead to a WASH OUT going into the spring.  From there, probably a snap-back short covering rally for a Bigger B top around January 2021.

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  A nice summary of the tribal differences
Posted by: andrew_o - 01-20-2020, 08:36 PM - Forum: Politics - No Replies

[Image: 82315422_10156741627416356_5403728427905...e=5ECE8C54]

Interesting that there is fairly close agreement that the education system is a problem.

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