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  How much illegals cost US taxpayers
Posted by: ModestProposals - Yesterday, 05:55 PM - Forum: Gloves Off - No Replies

Quote:Est say $500-900 billion are spent on illegals if you include gimmedats, healthcare, school, and prison cost. Est so varied due to lost wages for Americans, money sent back, taxes not collected, by the money not being spent here, AND the huge under the table economy of illegals.

Ever notice they say Social Security is going broke but never welfare is?

Quote:However, undocumented aliens, DO NOT receiver ANY Social Security benefits.
­They get welfare, sec 8 housing,  and food stamps cards as they're taking care of "US citizens".

Time to repeal birthright citizenship.
You break the law by sneaking in, then drop kids, and take advantage of laws has got to end.
Quote:There's no question undocumented aliens cost US taxpayers billions a year. I guess the Democratic Party will have to explain to the American people why they support draining the treasury and taking food out of American's mouths to feed these law breakers. In addition, I'm sure the American people would like to know why the Democratic Party is hell-bent on provoking WW3 with Russia.
Quote:Undocumented people do NOT receive Social Security!!!

­But they get billions in other welfare.  Every dollar spent on illegals is a dollar that can't be spent on Americans.
Quote:No democrat is safe. They completely fucked themselves with the abolish ICE bullshit. [Image: lol.gif]

No doubt Americans are furious with the Dims.

­They are and dems will pay in Nov.

Even a big dem donor that worked for Bill Clinton admin did a poll and reported over 80% of Americans are against illegal immigration but the dim dems run with supporting it anyway.

Poor strategy from people that want you poor.

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  another look at Venezuela
Posted by: cbeatty - Yesterday, 01:15 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (1)

From Brasscheck TV:

Here's a reality check...

Venezuela was considered an economic
basket case...as far back as the early 1960s...
when the US oil industry controlled
the country.

So what's really going on there?

Would you believe that the US
news media is not telling the
whole story much less anything
approximately the truth?



- Brasscheck TV

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  Sneering Europe
Posted by: andrew_o - 07-14-2018, 03:38 AM - Forum: Politics - Replies (3)

Great post from a local blogger:

Quote:Europe learns a lesson in respect and Trump wins again

With an increasingly belligerent Putin on their doorstep, you’d think the European Union would be eager to cultivate the friendship of the world’s strongest military power. Instead Europeans are doing as they have for 70 years, and sniping at America, even as they hide behind its skirts.

Quote:EU commission president ­Donald Tusk, at a pre-summit meeting to shore up support for a EU-NATO agreement, warned the US: “Please respect your allies, you don’t have that many.”

Ahead of the two-day summit that starts tomorrow, Mr Tusk told Mr Trump to remember Europe’s assistance to the US after the 9/11 attack when meeting Russian President Vladimir Putin in Helsinki on Monday. E
Europe would also do well to remember the past century of the United States spending its blood and treasure to keep Europe free: first from the Germans and then the Soviets. Germany would especially do well to remember the extraordinary generosity with which it has been treated by the United States: a generosity of spirit it has not always returned.
Germany at the end of WWII was a smoking ruin. America would have been well within its rights to leave it that way. But instead of punishing Germany for the evil it had unleashed, the United States spent tens of billions on rebuilding the nation which had produced the horrors of Nazism. For 50 years American military and money shielded Europe from the threat of Communism.
What thanks did America get? In the 60s, jeering chants of “Sau aus USA” (”Pigs from America”). Today, childishly insulting balloons from the mayor of London, and freeloading “allies”

Quote:Even before his election, Mr Trump had been annoyed about the NATO budget and…foreshadowed US contributions were firmly on the agenda.

“The United States is spending far more on NATO than any other Country,” he tweeted. “This is not fair, nor is it acceptable.”
Trump is correct. The post-War “economic miracle” of European nations like Germany was enabled by the money they would otherwise have spent on defence. That delinquency continues to this day. Of the 28 member states of NATO, only five meet their treaty obligations. The economic powerhouses of Germany and France are not among them. Europe is free-riding at America’s expense

Quote:By current standards, the US funds about 70 per cent of NATO spending
Previous American presidents have put up with this blatant freeloading mostly because the threat of Communism was too great to be allowed. Trump has had enough

Quote:Mr Trump has demanded other countries increase their defence spending because the generosity of the United States was being abused by European countries…“It’s an unfair burden on us,’’ he said
That unfair burden is even more galling when one of the worst delinquents, Germany, turns around and makes strategically insane deals with the Russia it simultaneously demands protection from, at America’s expense. 

Quote:“It’s very sad when Germany makes a massive oil and gas deal with Russia where we’re supposed to be guarding against Russia and Germany goes out and pays billions and billions of dollars a year to Russia,” he said. “We protect you against Russia yet Germany pays billions to Russia, that’s very inappropriate.’’
Human toadstool Angela Merkel sneered back that: Q

Quote:Germany makes its own decisions…”we can determine our own policies and make our own decisions…”
If only Germany had been so respectful of the right of Greeks to determine their own policies and make their own decisions. If only Merkel had been so considerate of other European nations when she single-handedly threw open the gates of Europe to millions of Muslim migrants.
But for all their grandstanding, European leaders folded like a cheap suit. 

Quote:US President Donald Trump created “utter panic’’ among NATO allies, who have agreed to pay more, and on a quicker timeline after he threatened the United States’ withdrawal from the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation…Diplomats in the room said Mr Trump told the NATO leaders that unless the wealthiest European countries, such as Germany, France, Italy and Spain hit the two per cent GDP target by January “we are going to do our own thing”.

The European Union has been given a heavy dose of reality salts. For all their sneering, freeloading and sulking, they were terrified at the very thought of having to go it alone.

Quote:As a result of his demands, Mr Trump said countries had acquiesced and “would be doing numbers that they have never done nor never seen before…Now we are being treated fairly.” 

When Trump faces Putin in Helsinki, he will be doing so from a position of strength. He’s brought the European Union to heel and strengthened NATO with increased military spending from its members.

The winning never stops.

I have to say, Trump is doing brilliantly.


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  This hasn't happened in 40 years
Posted by: StingingNettle - 07-13-2018, 03:20 PM - Forum: Markets, Money & Investing - No Replies

Sea of red in Treasury market may signal bond boom is over


Quote:For one, there has not been this much debt trading below face value since the data began being recorded in mid-1980s, according to Jeff Mills, co-chief investment strategist at PNC Financial Services Group.

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  Sign of the Sexy Top
Posted by: StingingNettle - 07-12-2018, 03:46 PM - Forum: Markets, Money & Investing - Replies (4)

'Victoria’s Secret can’t even sell its merchandise at a discount'

[Image: MW-GM402_victor_20180712105333_ZH.jpg?uu...162d7bc1f7]


What was that old saying about long skirts and the economy? Smile

Quote:Victoria’s Secret has had sales challenges over recent quarters, as customers shift their preference to less expensive bralettes, which don’t have padding, as opposed to the higher-priced ‘constructed’ bras, like the Very Sexy line that the brand is known for.

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  Capitalism vs Socialism vs Free Markets vs Financialism vs Globalism
Posted by: cbeatty - 07-12-2018, 01:59 PM - Forum: Markets, Money & Investing - Replies (5)

Hopefully this thread will enlighten us (and perhaps win a Nobel Prize). Let's start with:

                 Keiser Report: American Capitalist Cancer (E1251)               

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  Donald Trump's visit to UK
Posted by: silverfish - 07-11-2018, 10:50 PM - Forum: Politics - Replies (4)

Donald Trump will be visiting the UK over the next few days.  The liberal media and rich liberals are being incredibly nasty and not respecting that he is the elected leader of the American people.  British people who would love to be out to welcome him are so intimidated by the real threat of violence from these liberals that they can't, and Donald Trump himself will be closely guarded.

The insulting balloon that will fly over London with the blessing of the Mayor, it seems some group are threatening to shoot it down...

This visit comes at a particularly sore point in Brexit.

Expect the liberal thugs to be out in force, intimidating anyone who makes so much as a murmur in favour of welcoming Trump.

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  Did Tariff's Cause the Great Depression?
Posted by: StingingNettle - 07-09-2018, 09:47 PM - Forum: Markets, Money & Investing - Replies (12)

Really amazing article here: https://www.armstrongeconomics.com/world...epression/ 

Includes actual headlines from various newspapers during the time as well as a bond chart highlighting the destruction of U.S citizen's savings in sovereign debt.

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Posted by: andrew_o - 07-05-2018, 05:35 AM - Forum: Politics - Replies (8)

It seems the Democrats have a MAJOR problem!

Self inflicted.

When you're anti-white and anti-male it's hardly a surprise when white males abandon the party en masse

Post cartoons here

[Image: blue-down-arrow-symbols-icons-56790.png]

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  Big Dow downmove about 24th July?
Posted by: silverfish - 07-04-2018, 05:44 PM - Forum: Markets, Money & Investing - Replies (2)

I am just guessing that there might be quite a big and sudden downmove in the Dow from approximately Tuesday 24th July 2018.

There might have been a relatively slight bull trap bounce up the previous week, beginning 16th July.  Not sure, maybe.

Only guessing, just my opinion, and I could easily be wrong.  It looks like a biggish move, and my guess is down.

It will be interesting to see what happens.  And also what "events" are associated with it that it gets ascribed to.

For entertainment purposes only.

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