Three Great Videos on Silver, Gold, Currency Wars, and Phony Numbers

Ready to kick back and watch some very important videos that have everything to do with your wealth? Great!

The first video is a great re-cap on the silver story. It lists why silver is so valuable, what it's used for, goes over possible shortages, and gives two reasons on why it could take off due to massive buying. Send this video off to your friends with your silver saver link.

The video is called, "SILVER vs. CURRENCY "SILVER is rarer than GOLD in Bullion form" (Ryan Jordan)"

Next up we have the infamous Bill Bonner. I thought this turned out to be a great interview. You never see Bill on TV, and those familiar with the daily reckoning will be ready for his style. If you had listened to Bill over the years, you would have avoided the tech bubble, avoided the housing bubble, and bought gold when it was under $300 an ounce.

In this interview he goes over why you can't trust economic numbers and gives you their real meaning, zombies on the left, zombies on the right, mis allocation of capital, and what happens when the debt finally gets to be to much.

The last video I want to throw at you is, "Jim Rickards: Currency Wars and Gold". Jim has got a lot of information in this video and you may just want to watch it twice to take it all in. He goes over the currencies wars, oil shocks, gold holdings, sovereign wealth funds and more.

Knowledge is power. Keep saving, cut costs, and prepare.

Till next post!