Strategic Relocation - Safe Places to Live

I have another video for you to watch. Make some time for this very interesting interview. Don't worry about Alex talking over his guest too much like he sometimes tends to do, he gives Joel Skousen the complete floor in the video which turns out to be a great conversation on possible global events and the best ways to live a safe and fruitful life when certain events unfold.

Some things I hadn't considered. Our financial mess is so big, that the elites may nuke financial centers BEFORE the blame could be directed at them.

As crazy at that may sound I found that the video takes a calm non-hysterical approach to possible events and describes in detail what could happen. No doubt Joel spends all of his time on this information. Lots of pitfalls to avoid.

No matter where you live or your situation you will want to take the time to watch the video below.

You can look into buying his book here:

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