League of Power Review

Let me start off by giving you a little bit of back ground of myself. I got turned on to economics and investing right after the tech bubble burst. I wanted to understand how and why I got caught up a long with everyone else in high flying tech stocks. That led me to some contrarian investing websites and literature. Well from that point on, I was hooked. I couldn't get enough of reading about investing, economics and business, and I still can't to this day.

Contrarain investing is a simple idea, yet it is difficult to implement. You must separate yourself from the herd. You must do the opposite of what everyone else is doing. It sounds simple, yet it's hard in practice because everything around you is telling you to invest or behave in certain ways. It's not easy to go against the grain, to be different. To give you some examples, when everyone was buying homes and second homes, I sold mine. When everyone hated gold and silver, I bought some. Everything around me was telling me to do the opposites, but you have to stick with your plan no matter what.

Even after all these years I'm still learning, and that brings me to the League of Power private membership. I became a member of the League of Power last summer. What does that mean? It's a 10 month course were they reveal 5 secrets to building wealth through out your life, giving you a great advantage against everyone else. It also means that you get discounts on their other products and access to their newsletter which covers investing, saving money, and business opportunities. It's all based around the idea of being a contrarian.

I already new a lot of the information the League of Power was teaching through their membership program, however there was a lot I didn't know as well. Even after all of the years of being a economics junkie I didn't cancel my course and saw through the whole 10 lessons. I couldn't get enough! I would eagerly wait for the next month to come to get the next lesson. The lessons helped me realize new ways of saving and making money, and helped me set my financial freedom goal. I wish I had taken this course a lot earlier in my life, but better late then never! Most people do not spend every day reading market news and investing like I do, imagine how much more most people would get from this membership then I would.

When ever I had a question, or if there was any problems getting my lesson (one time they sent the same one as last month on accident), they would reply back to me within 24 hours. The people who run the League of Power are highly customer focused and reasonable. No complaints here, they have me as a customer for life.

You can sign up for the free newsletter and get the first lesson for free. I highly recommend it. Each lesson is $27. If that sounds a bit high to you, trust me it's not. I always find it funny that most people will think nothing of blowing $50 to $100 in a night going out to restaurants and bars on a weekly basis, but when it comes to taking control and giving their lives freedom and building real wealth they quickly turn up their nose. I suppose that's why so few people have financial freedom in their lives.

If you want to give a try click here: http://www.wealthbuildingtoday.info/

To your wealth and your health!


Disclosure: I believe so much in the education and great service that the League of Power offer, that I became an alliance member.