It's Time to Give Jones Soda Another Try.

Jones Soda (JSDA), "Independent Since '96'. Most everyone remembers Jones soda and their surge in popularity in the early 2,000's. Then they crashed, ran in to large operating costs and were unable to grow.

I remember there were a lot of stories back then, and now you just don't hear to much about them anymore.

Well, over the past year Jones has been seeking it's "entrepreneurial roots". The company has hired back executives that have left the company, but were apart of Jones's early success.

The company has been reducing is operating costs drastically and the market seems to be finally catching on as the stock is up 22% just in the last 5 days.


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The soda company still uses pure cane sugar, and puts user submitted photo's on their bottles. In a world of energy drinks, nasty corn syrup and even worse aspartame, maybe this world just needs a good old soda again.

Jones Soda still has a great brand that people recognize and I believe the company will find it's roots again and start growing.

Right now the stock has crossed the .50 cent mark. It's down 82% over the last 5 years but it seems to have put a nice bottom curve since the beginning of 2012.

The market cap of the entire company is only about $20 million. Extremely small when compared to the giants like Coke coming with a market cap of $189 billion.

The company seems to be exciting again, and I'd much rather drink real sugar and root for the little guy.

Large blue chip stocks have been getting all the love. It's time to look at the value of some smaller companies.

Their revenue has been dropping, but their costs have been dropping a lot as well and their gross profit has gone up every year since 2009. The trick here will be to watch the company every quarter to make sure that they are still heading in the right direction. This is a management story with a great brand. I believe it will work out for us over time.

I encourage you to read their latest 10k here:

The letter from the CEO at the beginning has everything I want to hear. Indecently I'm writing this while enjoying a Berry Lemonade I found on sale at the grocery store. Fantastic!

I recommend buying Jones Soda OTCMKTS:JSDA below .70 cents. Do not chase it up, and since it's a small cap please use a limit order.