I Am Thankful for Refrigerators

Happy Thanksgiving! I was sitting there eating I guess what you would call a Thanksgiving lunch with my Wife, and it dawned on me what I was thankful for this year and well I guess every year (other than my friends and family of course).

I was looking at all the food I couldn't possibly finish and thought how lucky I was to have all these leftovers, than I thought HEY! I wouldn't have any left overs if it wasn't for refrigerators!

Refrigeration is a long and interesting history, but in short the technology for the common refrigerator that led to mass production for all to use was birthed during the great depression.

Before that, people had to have cellars and ice boxes. Imagine always having to go out to get blocks of ice. What a pain!

A lot of technology that we still use today occurred during the great depression, which is why you should also keep your eyes out for new tech and industries that will come out of this new depression. And yes, it is a depression as the growth is inorganic thanks to the Federal Reserve and the government (local, state, and federal) making up more than 40% of our GDP.

Remember, necessity is the mother of invention. So pay attention!

We have a nice surprise from the folks at Silver Saver. For the next week or so they are lowering the premiums on silver and gold purchases. So, if you haven't started your silver savings account there isn't a better time than now.

Will I always be recommending silver? Nope! As long as it's cheap I will, and it's extremely cheap right now. The gold / silver ratio is still above 50. Silver is still down from it's recent highs. The Bernanke still has ultra low interest rates and QE.

The bull market in silver will continue on, don't miss out as there will be plenty of more gains to come over the years. When something better comes a long, I'll be sure and tell you.

Indecently, I will be charging for my silver report some time soon. So grab it now while it's free.

Relax, meditate, and have a great Thanksgiving!