The Election is Over! Get Back to Spending!

No doubt many of us are glad the election is over. We have another 4 more years of Obama. What does it mean? Probably not much different from the last four. More spending, and more drones and such. Mind you, I don't think it would have been much different under Romney. I would love to see the military spending cut down, will Obama really do it? I don't know, but for whatever he cuts I imagine he will spend elsewhere.

Republicans have to understand that the people do not want neo-cons and the status quo. They could have worked with Ron Paul supporters, but many were to stubborn and sought rather to shut them down whenever they could get a chance.

Make sure to read this intersting letter in the forum: Why I Don't Vote… And You Shouldn't Either

Some cool stuff did happen locally. It looks like stoners will become less paranoid, and weddings will become more fabulous.

My very own Washington State passed to legalize marijuana (MEDICAL MARIJUANA INC (PINK:MJNA) up 22% today) and gay marriage. Many consider this liberal. Telling the government to stay out of our business, our bed rooms, ending prohibition, making it harder for the state to raise taxes (2/3rds majority), AND repealed two taxes... sounds more libertarian to me. I'm getting a head of myself however, my state still looks to the government for help way to often.

Politicians do not save money during good times to help out during lean times, nope they just spend every dollar as it comes in and expect us to pay for anything new that pops up with new bonds and taxes.

The Down Jones dropped over 300 points today, and signs point to another possible recession.

So where to put your money? Agora has a nice chart here saying that Gold does well during 2nd terms.

Gold stocks are still beaten down, if you can find some good companies that can reduce their costs they should do well.

Of course silver is still cheap. If you are looking for stocks, look for companies that are world class business, have low P/E ratios, a growing dividend and a healthy balance sheet. If you can't find those, then wait.