All Wars Are Bankers' Wars - A Must Watch Video

This is an unbelievably well done recap on the history of the bankers in the UK and the US. It gets into WW1, and WW2, from Smedley D. Butler, and Woodrow Wilson to JFK. When we hit the part on the petro dollar you find why America is and has been so involved in the middle east. It then talks about where we (as a country and the world) are headed.

It even touches on the BIS (Bank for international Settlements), it's something I've pointed out for a while. The BIS's own website use to list who was a member and who wasn't on one page that they seem to have taken down. All non-members are the same countries that have been labeled "The Axis of Evil".

There is a lot of forgotten and suppressed history re-shown in this video. It's fast paced, and even if you think you remember and know everything in it it's well worth watching. I promise.

Wars are really wars between banking systems and who controls them.
Please pass this video on to your friends and spread the word.

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